Direct selling urea pump harness plug 25p male to 25p female car socket J6 urea

Direct selling urea pump harness plug 25p male to 25p female car socket J6 urea

Model No.︰CT016-SCR01

Brand Name︰other

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 3.9 / pc

Minimum Order︰1000 pc

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Origin Guangdong whether imported no order No. amp-2p / b.k-2p processing customization is the product No. amp-2p / b.k-2p type automobile exhaust detector detection system standard power supply voltage 12-24V (V) working temperature 0-75 ° (℃) size conventional (mm) brand Shenzhen zhongxuke model ct018-awc01 main downstream platform eBay, Amazon, wish, express, independent station, Lazada is mainly sold in Africa, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, North America and the Middle East. Is there an authorized private brand? Is it cross-border export? The source of goods is startplay 00:15 00:15 loading... Price description generally: crossed price: the crossed price may be the sales guide price of the commodity or the sales price once displayed of the commodity, not the original price, For reference only. Uncrossed price: the uncrossed price is the sales price of goods on Alibaba China. The specific transaction price is subject to the price on the order settlement page according to the participation of goods in activities or changes due to the use of coupons by users. Activity preheating status: crossed price: the crossed price is the sales price of the commodity in the current activity preheating status, not the original price. The specific transaction price may change due to the user's use of coupons, and the final price shall be subject to the price on the order settlement page. Unmarked price: the unmarked price may be the event price of the commodity to participate in the event, which is for reference only. The transaction price at the specific event may change due to the user's use of coupons, etc. Finally, the price on the activity order settlement page shall prevail. Under the status of partnership discount activity: during the period of partnership discount activity, the buyer can enjoy the preferential price of partnership discount activity (which is more favorable than the price of partnership daily activities in the same period)* Note: the above description is valid only when price comparison occurs. If the merchant explains the crossed price separately, the merchant's statement shall prevail. Content statement: Alibaba China station is a third-party trading platform and Internet information service provider. The title, price, details and other information of goods / services displayed by Alibaba China Station (including website, client, etc.) are released by the store operator, and the store operator is responsible for its authenticity, accuracy and legitimacy. Alibaba reminds you to check carefully before purchasing goods / services. If you have any questions about the title, price, details and other information of goods / services, please communicate with the store operator through Alibaba Wangwang before purchasing; There are a large number of stores in Alibaba China. If you find any illegal / infringing information in the store, please report it to Alibaba immediately and provide effective clues. Shenzhen Zhongxun Electronics Co., Ltd. address: No. 201, No. 8, Tianyang Second Road, Dongfang community, Songgang street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China technical support: Wangpu management entrance | disclaimer | customer service center | Alibaba group | Alibaba international station | 1688 | global express | Taobao | tmall | cost-effective | Yitao | Ali travel · go to a | Ali mother | cool plate | shrimp Mickey Ali, cloud computing, YunOS & amp; Ali communications, Alipay @2010-2018,, Main 11 nail, @2010-2018, copyright and trademark declaration, legal declaration, service terms, privacy statement, Alibaba, contact us, website navigation 44 buyers are still looking at HK $5, 5 yen, 9 yen, 4 yen, 15 130, 1.5 1.5, 13 30.. 0 ¥ 5.0 ¥ 5.0 ¥ 9.0 123 store perspective details download comments download comment analysis v350

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